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Signature and Specialty Massages

Signature and Specialty Massages

Swedish Massage

60 min – $80
80 min – $110
A relaxing and soothing massage that uses slow kneading strokes to calm sore muscles. Perfect for anyone looking to enhance his or her sense of well-being.

Hot Stone Massage

A specialty massage that incorporates smooth warmed stones to help soothe the muscles and deeply relax the body.

Deep Tissue Massage

An intricate technique that is highly focused and used only on areas of concern. This massage is not for comfort, but is very beneficial for severe muscle tension. True deep tissue is not to be confused with a general deep pressure massage.

Sports Massage

A fast paced massage perfect for any active body that needs to be put back together. This massage is suggested for pre or post workout allowing the muscles to perform optimally.

Chair Massage

15 min – $15
30 min – $30

A fully clothed seated chair massage focusing on the back, head, neck and arms. Great for a person on the go.

Reflexology Massage

30 min – $35

An ancient practice that has medicinal values as well as energizes the body and mind. Reflexology is the stimulation of certain pressure points in the hands and feet that are

Medical Massage

Available according to your needs TMJ, Pregnancy, Pediatric, MS, Ostomy, Mastectomy, Cancer, Amputation, Stroke, Plantar Fascitis and much more based upon a thorough consultation

Myofacial Massage

A very slow and oil free technique used to stretch and release tight connective tissue. This is an excellent massage for very tight areas after sports injuries, surgery or accidents.

Thai Massage

An ancient technique that does not require you to undress and utilizes pressure points and stretching of the body.